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Open Positions

We are accepting applications the magazine's masthead! As the magazine is in its early stages of development, we are excited to welcome fashion and literature enthusiasts to be a part of it! Below are the available positions, descriptions, and information on how to apply.

co editor-in-chief

The Co-Editor-in-Chief collaborates closely with the Editor-in-Chief to provide leadership and strategic direction to the magazine. They share responsibilities in overseeing editorial operations, guiding the editorial team, and making key decisions about content and themes. 

social media manager

The Social Media Manager develops and executes social media strategies to enhance the magazine's visibility and engage with audiences. The Social Media Manager creates and schedules content, responds to comments, and cultivates an online community to promote the magazine.

marketing + outreach director

The Marketing and Outreach Director leads the development and implementation of marketing strategies to promote the magazine. They oversee outreach efforts to attract contributors and readers, seeking partnerships and collaborations to expand the magazine's reach.

design editor

The Design Editor is responsible for overseeing and selecting the cover art, layout, and design of the magazine's issues. This job requires someone with a unique and creative eye, as well as experience with graphic design tools or domains. 

general requirements

Who can join Ethic Threads Review's masthead?

  • The magazine’s masthead is open to ages 13-21 across the globe.

  • A perfect and long resume is not required - we’re looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who are ready to make a difference and devote time to their positions.

  • Published writing or experience working with writing or magazines is great but not required. 


What are the time commitments?

  • Masthead members are estimated to devote 2-4 hours per week depending on the position. 


What are some benefits of joining the Ethic Thread Review masthead?

  • Develop leadership skills by directing parts of the magazine.

  • Gain exposure for your designs and contributions, with the opportunity to showcase your work to a global audience.

  • Network with fellow writers, editors, and people who share your passions. 

how to apply

Fill out this form and excpect a response within a few days! If you have any questions, email us at

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